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Bringing Hope to Unfortunate Children.                                                                             Donate For Children has temporarily stopped accepting donations of used items.

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DFC Sponsors MCTV Drawings Contest for Milpitas School Students.
Donate For Children (DFC) joins Milpitas Community Television (MCTV) celebrating its 5-years of broadcasting by sponsoring the Drawings Contest for Milpitas Students.


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Donate For Children (DFC) & Milpitas Community Television (MCTV)

DFC proudly sponsors a number of Cultural Programming broadcast on Milpitas Community Television through Comcast Channel 26.

Milpitas Commissioners' Recognition Event

DFC President Hai Tran & Senior V.P. Marsha Tran were recognized by Milpitas Mayor Esteves and City Council for their service and dedication to the residents of the City of Milpitas.


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