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Mid-Autumn Festival with Vinh Long Children Minimize

Donate For Children Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Vinh Long Children.

Donate For Children - Viet Nam Division (DFC-VN), during the Mid-Autumn Festival, organized a visit to Vinh Long province, Vietnam to join the children in Binh Tan District celebrating the special holidays. More than 20 volunteers of DFC-VN participated in this trip visiting all 11 wards of Binh Tan District within the 2-day weekend. The children were gathered at 3 different locations within Binh Tan to join the celebration.

In this trip, several goods donations were given to Binh Tan children: 5 wards were sponsored by Jerry Wang (USA, see pics); 3 wards were sponsored by Fugen Foundation (USA, see pics); and 3 wards were sponsored by Tuan Thien Huynh (Denmark, see pics). More than 410 children/students in poor families received donations that included cash support, clothing and school uniforms, bicycles, school supplies, gifts, moon cakes and lanterns which valued at 126,530,000 VN Dong. Donate For Children sincerely appreciate our donors for making this Mid-Autumn Festival celebration possible for Binh Tan poor children.

At every stop, the children, who looked pretty and shy in the new clothes and uniforms donated by DFC that were delivered in advance, were excited waiting for DFC volunteers to arrive. Upon arrival, DFC volunteers quickly set up the stage. Some were seen to hang up banners, a few instructed children to form into groups while others unloaded equipment and goods. The team was very organized and ready in no time to lead the children from one activity to another. The gifts were given out to the children. Many happy faces and smiles were seen, especially from those children who received bicycles as their families had not been afforded for them. They could now realize they would no longer have to walk many miles to school. For one thing, the children looked shy at first, but after awhile, they started to join and fully engaged in fun activities hosted by volunteers. The children, the hosts, and the guests were laughing together which created a great atmosphere. They all shared the uplift spirit of the children in this very special occasion.

The volunteers were exhausted after the two-day trip. They were constantly on the go while the days were fully filled with activities; everyone had less than 5 hours sleeping on that Saturday night. However, the physical conditions did not appear to affect their energies. When the trip was ended and before saying ‘good bye’, volunteer Thu Huong, who joined DFC-VN for the first time, shared her thoughts, "Thanks so much for let me join this trip. My mind can now understand more about the meaning of humanity. I need to join DFC more often." Another volunteer, Viet Tran, who never missed any DFC-VN trip for the last three years, shouted out before took off on his scooter, "Don't forget to save me a spot in DFC next trip. Please! Please!"



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