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Donate For Children Donates a Library & Two Computers Labs to Hoc Mon & Vinh Long Children. 

The esssential philosohy of Donate For Children (DFC), besides the support to improve the living conditions of unfortunate and disadvantaged children, is to help deliver the basic education and/or skills by teaching and/or training the children so that they can obtain the necessarily knowledge to be self-efficient in the society. It's very seldom that an organization or government could afford to support all children for life.  The truth is that donations of food, medical supplies and other neccessities, though they significantly improve the children living conditions, would never be enough.  

With the above objective in mind, DFC has been focused on the developments of educational and training programs for the children. Since most of the children can attend regular schools run by the goverment, DFC centers its effort on the developments of English and computer-related courses for the children. For one thing, the effort can not be accomplished without the right tools and equipment, particularly without library books and computer labs. 

All of DFC sponsored children centers therefore have received DFC's donations of libraries and computer labs. To support DFC-run English Programs at Hoc Mon Vocational Training Center for Orphaned and Disabled Children, DFC recently donated a full library for the students. Two computer labs were also set up for Vinh Long children last year. DFC volunteers did spend a considerable amount of time to restore the old building there to prepare the labs rooms. 

Both Hoc Mon and Vinh Long Children Centers truly appreciated DFC effort in these projects. Minh Mguyen, Vice Director of Vinh Long Children Center, expressed, "Without DFC's support, our children would never can afford such equipment." 



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