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Donate For Children's US Team Joined Volunteers Visit Orphanges in Vietnam.

The DFC US Team visited unfortunate children in Vietnam again during the Christmas Holidays 2010.

Donate For Children's President Hai Tran and Senior V.P. Marsha Binh Ngo Tran, on a self-financed trip to Vietnam recently, joined volunteers in Saigon region visiting a numbers of orphanages and children centers there including HCM City Vocational Training Center for Orphaned and Disabled Children, Go Vap Orphanges in Saigon, and two other DFC sponsored orphanages in Vinh Long Province. 

In these visits, Donate For Children, Inc. donated more than 5 tons of rice, 600 boxes of instant noodle, 120 liters of concentrated milk, 200 kg of salt, 400 kg of sugar, 400 liters of cooking oil, and more than 800 pieces of new/used clothings to the orphanages/children centers.  There were also more than 350 bags of gifts with DFC logo that were filled with toiletries and shool supplies given to the children individually.  Donate For Children also servered more than 400 meals to the children and workers at those centers.

In every visit, Mr. and Mrs. Tran immersed into the group of volunteers and offered help on every task from carrying gifts to the delivery trucks, hanging up a sign, passing out gifts to the children to serving meals to the children and workers in the orphanages.  At Thien Binh Orphanage, while the volunteers hosted fun activities for the elder children, Mrs. Tran spent hours reading to the young orphans.  At Thien Binh's kinder-garden quarter, both Mr. and Mrs. Tran enthusiastically played with the children with great joy.  Mr. Tran was seen quite busy there; both of his arms were always occupied with two little orphans, with one on each side. They certainly surprised the volunteers for that extraordinary energy and dedication, especially with the compassion they show towards young children.


President Hai Tran, in a meeting with volunteers in HCM city, expressed his gratitude towards the volunteers for their passion and contributions in DFC activities.  He noted, "I truly appreciate your hardwork and dedication in DFC.  You all inspire me and really make me realize that we together can make a difference to the lives of others, especially to the unfortunate and disadvanatged children.  I am very proud with the success of DFC in Vietnam and you have certainly been helping building that sucess."



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